This coin is part of a movement. It’s a decision to notice the little things that too often get overlooked. To recognize those around us worth celebrating. The kind ones. The generous ones. The caring ones. The ones we call Remarkable.




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Taylor Gray - Servant Leader

Taylor is one of the rocks of our team. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to go the extra mile. Whether it's taking care of our facility with excellence or giving tours and interacting with members, Taylor works with a heart of service. I know whenever I ask Taylor to do something- it will always get done. He has to do a lot of tasks that are in no way glamorous (the Big Dipper comes to mind instantly) but he continues to faithfully do what needs to get done to make the business successful. It's the small steps he takes each day that mean so much to our team, and ultimately to our members. I am so grateful to have a teammate that is so steady and easygoing. It frees me up to do my job well, and also gives me something to strive for. Taylor, thanks for being such a great example of servant leadership. I'm so thankful to have a teammate and friend like you!

March, 29 2016

You're my Hero!

Dawn, you are so much fun to work with! No matter if it's a good day or a bad day, you have a knack for finding the humor in all situations. You care about and take care of everyone and are truly an amazing part of our team. Thank you for keeping us all in line, thank you for always having an amazing purse on your arm and most of all, thank you for being you!

February, 29 2016

Dawn Rodriquez

Amazing person!

February, 29 2016

The Bear

Matt, these past few weeks of working alongside you have been so awesome! You have a natural heart for service, and it shows every day. You're attentive, confident, and ready to learn. I can't wait to see where you take roam with all of your heard work! DON'T SHAVE THE BEARD.

February, 2 2016

The machine

Nick Kaiser, you are the man. Getting to work with you for the past couple months was a blessing. Your work ethic and willingness to serve others don't go unnoticed. I can't count how many times you showed up for work while I was getting slammed in the cafe and you just hopped right in with no hesitation. Not only are you a well-oiled machine, but you've got a great heart for people. I know without a doubt that you are willing to do anything for your teammates. Thank you for serving us all so well. I appreciate you! -Conor

January, 19 2016

There are riches money can’t buy. That’s why we made this coin

It's part of a movement. A movement to create a kinder more encouraging culture, one coin, one person, one story at time. It is so easy in our too fast lives to overlook the opportunity to stop and thank others for the ways they enrich our lives This movement recognizes those around us worth celebrating. The kind ones. The generous ones. The caring ones. The ones we call Remarkable!

We live in an illusion that the size of our bank account determines the richness of our life. We are drawn to opportunities to GET RICH, while missing the opportunity to BE RICH in good deeds, generosity, love and concern for others. Most coins are designed to be deposited into our bank account, to pay for our needs and to build our wealth. The Remarkable Coin works very differently.

It was created to deposit into the lives of others. To help you not just see the good, but to give you a way to honor it. Maybe you’ll give it to a stranger or maybe it will be someone you know very well, either way, as you take the time to enrich their life a funny thing usually happens. Yours will be enriched as well.

And thanks to that little individual code on each coin and the App, you will be able to watch as your coin enriches again and again. As it’s passed from deserving person to deserving person, its unique story will begin to richly unfold. Imagine pulling up the map feature in the app and seeing how your coin has connected a group of worthy individuals right in your town or, who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised to find it on the other side of the world.

Even after you’ve given it a way, the coin will be a treasure for you to follow on a journey that’s sure to be…remarkable.